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Traceability and anti-fraud stickers

Traceability and anti-fraud stickers

The Italian legislation regulating the sale of medicinal products provides for that medicinal products must include some features to ensure traceability and prevent counterfeiting.

In particular, every pack of medicines marketed in Italy shall bear the antifraud stickers (the so called ‘bollini ottici’), containing all information about the product, to be optically read in a barcode, as well as a serial number referring to that specific pack, thus ensuring accurate tracking of the products on the Italian territory.

Antifraud stickers are supplied by an official printer (IPZS) and must be applied to the secondary packaging of medicinal products by an authorized manufacturing site.

Information about wasted stickers and handling of the packs sold in the distribution channel shall also be transmitted to a central traceability database.

Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs has a dedicated team taking care of the process to order the antifraud stickers for Italian and foreign companies.

We are also equipped to handle and transmit the data on the discarded stickers as well as to take care of the transmission of sale and handling data to the database of the Ministry of Health according to the guidelines.

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