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Food Supplements Consulting

Although the European Community has issued a series of regulations and directives aimed at harmonizing the field of nutritional supplements and dietary products, in Europe the national laws are still the benchmark on account of their peculiarities and differences.

The authorities of the various European countries, while taking into account the European regulations, require  companies to adhere to specific local requirements.

In non EU countries the legislation concerning the marketing of food supplements can vary significantly. Through collaboration between Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs International and numerous regulatory experts in the field in the EU and certain non-EU countries, our consulting firm is able to assist companies in the marketing of dietary supplements.

Among the services that DR International is able to offer, are:

• Control of substances permitted in food supplements in Europe
• Identification of the claims that can be used for individual dietary supplements in Europe
• Preparation and correction of labels and leaflets
• Management of  Food vigilance
• Formulation of new products and / or reformulation of products already on the market