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Consulting for cosmetic products

The entry into force of EC Regulation no. 1223/2009 concerning the placing on the market of cosmetic products has standardized and harmonized regulations for the sector at a European level.

This means that the marketing of any product in any Member State should be authorized in accordance with the same provisions. However, specific national requests may be made by individual countries.

For non-EU markets the legislation on the marketing of cosmetic products may differ significantly from those in Europe. Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs International is able to assist companies in the marketing of cosmetic products, thanks to the collaboration with numerous experts in the field in European and certain non-EU countries.

Among the services that DR International is able to offer,  are:

  • Control list of permitted substances in Europe
  • Drafting Product Information File, as required by European legislation
  • Check advertising texts
  • Preparation and correction of labels and leaflets
  • Management of Cosmetovigilance