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Updated report on biosimilar expense and consumption

The Italian Agency Medicine has made available the updated reports on the
monitoring of biosimilar expense and consumption for the period January-December 2019.

The reports include the consumption trends of the biological drug
distinguished as originator and relevant biosimilar; the regional variability of the biosimilar incidence; the summary of the regional incidence (%) of biosimilar consumption and the average price (ex-factory price VAT included) for each pack referred to the last month available for 2019 and referred to the whole period available for 2019.

In particular, the regional comparison considered the consumption of
adalimumab, low-weight heparins, epoetin, etanercept, growth factors,
follitropin, infliximab, insulin glargine, insulina lispro, rituximab, rituximab for subcutaneous administration, somatropin, teriparatide, trastuzumab for intravenous and subcutaneous administration.