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Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Consulting Medical Device Consulting Food Supplements Consulting
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Consulting
Consultancy on national and international reference regulations.
Medical Device Consulting
Consultancy for obtaining the CE marking and other regulatory activities.
Food Supplements Consulting
Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs engages highly qualified personnel able to offer advice

International Regulatory Consulting

Regulatory Affairs

Our pharmaceutical consultancy is aimed at national and international companies that want to enter the Italian market. Our services range from the medical devices, cosmetics, biocides and food supplements sectors.

In order to enhance the regulatory framework of the activities currently offered and place them in line with the growing demands of the market, Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs is restructuring the entire group, with an increasingly incisive approach, so that each section will have an open view to the international situation.

Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs aims to construct a dynamic and comprehensive regulatory support system for companies, as regards the marketing of their products in  European and non-European countries.

Thus the regulatory assistance offered by Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs will be designed to overcome the difficulties inherent in regulatory procedures, both those of an administrative or other nature in each country, and  allow companies to export their products in the emerging markets including Brazil, India and China, as well as in other markets that have yet to rise to prominence.

For this complex operation we employ a staff of about sixty highly experienced people in the field of regulatory affairs,  who have been working with national and international companies for many years.

Such an activity has led us over time to imperceptibly but continuously update the training all the staff already present in our group and to assume more highly qualified staff, characterized by different technical-scientific experiences as well as from different backgrounds, accordingly we also have native speakers of English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Greek.

The international nature assumed by Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs is in harmony with the spirit of the time and we are convinced that it can fully reflect the needs of companies who feel projected into a wider area and allow them to turn their attention to the world market.